In every room of your house, your flooring sees more traffic—literally—than any other part of the room. And after years of shoes, dirt, toys, pets and spills, your floors can start to look tired and worn out. They can also lose their functionality when they have cracks or scratches, making your own house a safety hazard. That’s why updating flooring is a popular service for homeowners who want to keep their house looking and functioning like new.

For over 50 years, Stange Plumbing & Design has been installing beautiful flooring in homes around Hutchinson, KS. Our knowledgeable team members will help you find the material and style that fit your needs. We know what it takes to find the right product for your life.

Durability that will Last

Flooring plays an important role in the interior or exterior of your home. Quality flooring is a must to ensure that your space will still look great after years of normal wear and tear. It not only enhances the look of your home, but can also improve your quality of living. When you upgrade your floors, you’ll experience durability that lasts for decades, no matter what kind of traffic they see. Your floors should be beautiful and reflect your personality, while remaining practical in your everyday needs. 

Increased Value

A great floor can add value to your home and help with resale in the future, should you choose to move. New floors make the entire room look refreshed and are a major selling point for buyers, since they give homebuyers confidence that the floors will last for years to come. Whether you’re updating the tile in a bathroom, adding stunning hardwood floors to your lower level or building a stone patio, updated flooring allows you to maximize your space in the most beautiful way.

High-Quality Products and Brands

There are many different brands and options on the market when it comes to flooring, and we can help you choose the right one for your lifestyle and type of home. We carry a wide variety of flooring products, such as hardwood, tile and vinyl, and we are committed to helping you choose an attractive and functional flooring solution that will last you for many years to come. Some of the top flooring brands we carry include:
With the right flooring, the beauty of your home will last for years to come.

Beyond Flooring

In addition to flooring, Stange Plumbing & Design does a variety of additional services. We are a full-service home remodeling company located in Hutchinson, KS. We do renovations in all spaces of your home, including family rooms, bedrooms, closets, outdoor kitchens and even outdoor fireplaces. We can also add rooms on to existing homes, or add new elements like beautiful floors, windows and doors to transform the look of a current room. 

Most of our remodeling projects are done in-house by our team of experienced remodelers and designers, meaning very little work is sub-contracted. No project is too large or small for us. Whether you’re looking to remodel every single element of your kitchen or bathroom, or you simply want to update a room’s flooring, Stange Plumbing & Design can complete your project. 
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